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The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition

The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition

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The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition
By Bill Mollison

Most of this book is about fermentation, for it is an excellent way to prolong the life of many foods and to build proteins and vitamins into starchy low-grade foods. Most western peoples are familiar with yeast breads, sourdoughs, cheese, and beers. But few of us realise how skillfully traditional peoples enhance the flavours in their diet, or make simple carbohydrates more nutritious through fermentation.

“All the recipes given herein are traditional; they belong to humanity, even though they have been collected or tried by various authors, they have all been used for centuries by thousands of human beings. Only a few recipes are my own inventions (you may guess at these) but even these derive from my family or friends in their main ingredients or procedures.”
Bill Mollison

Product Features:

Storing, Preserving and Cooking foods
Fungi, Yeast, Mushrooms and Lichens
Roots, Bulbs, Rhizomes
Condiments, Spices and Sauces
Agricultural Composts, Silages and Liquid Manures
Fruits, Flowers, Nuts, Oils and Olives
Leaf, Stem and Aguamiels
Marine and Freshwater Products, Fish, Molluscs and Algae
Meats, Birds and Insects
Dairy Products
Beers, Wines and Beverages
Nutrition and Environmental Health

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