Image of Permaculutre design plan

The Permaculture Design Certificate Course was filmed in September 2005 at The University  of Melbourne, using a professional production team. The entire course is presented by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. Each disc has (+/-) 4.5 hours of content, 58.5 hours total for the set. The last disc finishes up Chapter 14, student questions, the design assignment, graduation, round table and conclusion to the course.

There were 13 hours of the course devoted to students producing their designs (2 hours with Geoff mentoring, students also worked after class hours to complete their designs) the student design presentations (7.5 hours, big class!), the graduation day, round table, conclusion, and the where to from here? discussion (6 hours). The entire footage of these 13 hours is reduced to a delightful 60 minute (+/-) collage for the viewer.

The DVD collection is suitable for use with NTSC systems and they were designed to be viewed via a standard DVD player. We are finding some computer drivers will not play the DVDs and we are compiling more information regarding this. If you are intent on playing the DVD set on a computer we cannot guarantee they will view.

NTSC is the format of choice for the countries where the greatest interest in our products is generated. In the PAL countries today, most TV’s, DVD & Video Players are both PAL and NTSC compatible and can display both types of video. We (in Australia)  have played the discs, from beginning to end, many times during the pre-production process, on televisions purchased in 1994 using DVD players, purchased in 2003. Neither TV nor DVD player noted that they had NTSC capability, but did in-fact play the discs beautifully. Both machines also play PAL discs.

This disc set is REGION FREE aka Region 0.

There are six world Regions for DVDs. Discs manufactured in one region will usually only play on players that were manufactured in the same region, so discs bought in Australia will not play on US players and vice versa. However, the regional coding system is entirely optional and discs without Regional Codes (Region 0) will play on any player in any country.

Some new late-model MacIntosh computers are having trouble playing these discs. It has been reported that MAC stated these machines might be in need of a disc drive replacement (better get in before your warranty expires.) We were told there was a particular model of Mac that has disc drive issues. Discussions of this situation can be found on Mac forums or consult with your local Mac Dealer for help if you have one of these machines. No older Macs seem to have any issues playing the discs.

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