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18 December 2014  to 3 February 2015


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Who is Tagari Publications?

"Tagari" is a Tasmanian Aboriginal word meaning "those of us who are gathered here" or "us mob", and we began in 1978 as a community of people who worked and lived on eighty acres of swamp land in Stanley, Tasmania, researching & experimenting with Permaculture concepts [Read more...]

Where to Buy Books While We Are Closed.

* Powell's Books-Oregon

* Rodale Institute Book Shop-Pennsylvania

* R G Books-Florida

RG Books, Inc. 13283 SW 135th Avenue Miami, FL. 33186 Phone: 786 206 0971 or email  directly at

* Ceres Nursery - Victoria

Boosting New Designers Program Purchases

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Urgent Requests and Pallet Orders

Please SMS or email  Lisa on + 61 (0) 458 440 004 >>    lisamollison   at     gmail 

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